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Trail of Immortality (Looking through the Veil of Eternity)

What is the true connection between insects, plants, animals and man?
What is the root cause of most fears and phobias?
What happens to people who commit suicide?
Insights into the above puzzles and more can be found in my new book:
"Trail of Immortality."


The third speaker who comes in surprises me. Although this
is one of the musicians who earlier entertained and healed
me of my unknown ailment, I am amazed to discover that
she is a woman. I thought they were all men. Then I remember
what Chiva said about the need to be more aware of my
environment. Talk about appearances and perceptions.
Her curly, dark hair does not flow behind her back. She
wears it up like a man’s short wig and appears Italian. She
is of an average height and between twenty and thirty years
old. But the calmness of mind and bearing that they all exude
surrounds her with a rejuvenating, bright halo of the saintly
ancients. This makes her look like a teenager, although she
might be several centuries old.
Her rounded face beams out two prominent cheekbones.
Her lips glow reddish and curved with immediate, sensual
attractions. Her eyes are greenish and big. They emit back to
the boys in class deep rivers of divine love, unreachable by
any wild, romantic cravings. She generously points with her
small but firm hands as she speaks.
The boys in class all wake up and stretch. Her arrival
draws them out of their shells, including me, I must confess.
The girls gawk at her beauty and graceful carriage with jealous
admiration. But all her smiles send out to us is pure,
divine love.
“My name is Daya,” she starts to speak. “I have been
asked to talk to you about love, and I expect to learn from
you all, as well. Tell me, how many of you have ever kissed
the lips of another?” she takes us by storm. And we all love
it. She darts her all-seeing eyes like an airborne eagle sweeping
the plains for prey. Her smiles loosen up everybody. One
of the boys sitting in the front row raises his right hand. She
gingerly walks over to him.
“Now tell me. How did you feel during and after the kiss?”
she asks further.
“The boy scratches his head and fidgets. It’s obvious that
he does not expect the second question from Daya. All the
same, he decides to hazard an answer.
“I felt happy.”
“Good!” Daya radiates excitement. “Happiness is the
word. Thank you very much. Your greatest need on Earth
is happiness. That is why everybody craves it. And that is
why it is in so short supply as well. And that is why there
is so much unhappiness among you mankind. One hidden
fact unknown to people is that beneath your search for happiness
is soul’s eternal longing for God. Happiness is like
the rain. The soil needs it to survive and sustain life. But the
soil knows that it must, first of all, yield all its water to the
sky. And it’s just a matter of time before the selfless sky will
release all back to the soil in due seasons. Over the billions
of years of their mutual existences, the soil and the sky have
learned this singular, all-important lesson so well; that for
us to receive, we must first give to life. And so it must be
with you human beings, too. You are too selfish.” She waits
for her mild offense to sink in.
Her last comment digs a deep hole in our fragile consciences.
Some of the students look down and draw meaningless,
invisible lines on the floor. But Daya gently but firmly
fixes her stripping eyes on the fallen faces of hidden guilt. She
quickly resurrects them with the healing sound of love.
“The world is sustained by selfless actions,” she continues.
“Once you stop thinking of and about yourself all the
time, you can then become a pure channel of divine love.
Then the Divine Force will shower you with endless love,
just as the sky drenches the soil with perennial rain. And you
shall never lack anything again. Because you are now living
and doing for others, the immortal gods will do for you,
always. They can’t help but use and love you as a fellow,
divine vessel.
“Look at the African wild dogs. They eat meat during a
hunt and return to regurgitate all to feed their puppies. In doing
so, they maintain a healthy, hunting pack forever. But the
selfish lion cares only about himself, and so infant mortality
is highest among his cubs. One of your good poets once
said, ‘A miser gets poorer with each hoard.’ Remember to
put the other person first when next you make love. Try not
to eat each other like a pack of hungry, self-centered wolves
fighting for scarce meat in winter. Try putting the satisfaction
of your mate first, and always remember this wise old
saying: ‘As the hand washes the back, the back also washes
the hand.’ Be good lovers, and you shall come to know true
happiness in your lives.” She finishes and leaves.

From Chapter 9, House of Knowledge, pp.69-71.

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Letting Go

We come with nothing and go without a thing. All that we have by way of material acquisitions and possessions shall be pried from our cold hands by merciful death. So why do we fight and kill over things of matter? Ignorance! Much of our sorrows stem from deep attachment to things and people, especially when it comes time to let go. It is tough to let go but the freedom attendant to detachment is sweet indeed. Detachment is renewal of life. The lobster knows it and snakes enjoy new births now and then. Winter trees willingly shed their old and greying leaves to prepare for new, bright clothing in spring. The songs they sing as the cold winds romance them is pleasing to the ears of who cares to listen. Nature is so much in tune with the coming and going of life in general. So why can't we learn from her?

The core problem is that most people are unaware of their true identity beyond the mortal physical body. Essentially, we are Soul, the spiritual essence in us that is deathless. The purpose of life on earth is for man to learn to love and serve others unconditionally. Just as God loves all. Just as nature showers us with her limitless abundance without reservation. We are here to learn about the hidden ways of God and the Spiritual Laws of Divine Spirit. For it is the breaking of these hidden but not-so-secret Laws that causes all man's troubles. Take for instance the Law of Cause and Effect--What you so, you reap; Boomerang; Retributive Justice; Law of Compensation, etc--If everybody is truly mindful of this law in their heart, we wouldn't have such a chaotic world as we have today. People would happily pay for whatever they receive or atone for whatever action they take when payment is due. Then people would not do things that they would not like to be done to them. But as long as man continues to think he could get away with any actions in life through prayers, the law court or by force, then sorrows, accidents, diseases and more will always dog man from infancy to the tomb. That's another story anyway.

We are here on earth for spiritual education. After millions of lifetimes of forced incarnations, Soul graduates to spiritual mastership. From then on, it becomes free to come and go at will across the dark veil of life and death. Literally speaking, Soul is then fit to fly like an eagle that it is. But before then, one of the most significant lessons to learn and uphold is pure, sweet detachment from the things of the material world. For the emperor moth to fly, her fat abdomen must be squeezed flat to form wide, pretty wings. Because water is too heavy to fly, it changes into gas. Since childhood, i have always reserved great love and admiration for the hawk and the falcon. Now you know why.


the core lesson taught

by hurricanes and flooding

is pure detachment

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The Ultimate Goal Of Soul

There’s no reason why we cannot

hop and up like those free falcons

or velvet clouds to kiss a sunspot

and be for others bright beacons.

The supreme goal of creation is for us, Soul, to go from the immature state of human consciousness, which causes us all kinds of troubles, to the highest awareness of God, which is God-realization. Childhood may be blissful in most cases but the fun-filled life of the youth is a thrill of a lifetime. Yet, the freedom attendant to the full life of adults is always as tantalizing to children and the youth as the urge to fly free in the air like birds is to man. Yet, we soon grow old and in some cases, infirm and die only to be reborn to begin all over again. Until we achieve the ultimate price, the exultant state of a Spiritual Traveller, our greatest happiness and freedom will only taste like a bitter concoction when compared to the honey of the peak of realizations.

As butterflies, we go from tiny eggs to caterpillar to pupa and to a winging specimen of beauty and freedom. Even after we might have learned to fly, still we must graduate from the heaviness of the green earth, past the pink colour of emotional instability, travel beyond the orange light of memories and past-life burdens, up into the blue world of mental confusion, then persevere until we pass the purple plane of subconscious existence and finally into the blissful yellow world or pure Soul. And the journey does not end there. With the guidance of the Dream Master, Soul continues to transform from lower colours until it becomes as pure as the white music of God. So until your light shines as the whitest lightning to light-up the dark for others to see, wing on free Soul.

Until you stand on top of the ziggurat-rooftop of God's temple, fly higher than the strong hands of gravity could reach or kiss the peak of the himalayan forbidding heights, to dine with the blue-eyed eagle, never look back at mortal earth. The risk of falling back to mortal earth is ever-present. But the persevering Soul will always triumph.

The Mystery of Death

Come to see how I look in death?

          a rigid mask, ashy, shrunk or toad-like?Add Image

Dry those liquid clouds from cat’s eyes—

I’m over here—in a blinding white shroud.

Recently, i was passing by a cemetary and looking at all the beautiful flowers and and expensive marbled headstones adorning the graveyard, i was motivated to write the following piece. This is not by any means a criticism of people who honour their dead loved ones in the graveyard. If anything, this should encourage all to look beyond white bones and grinning skulls of the dead and see immaculate Soul that leaves the body upon death. The grave has no power to hold Soul prisoner. As a spark of light and sound, Soul conquers the dark walls of death like lightning pierces a dark cloud.

Death will forever remain a mystery, that is until one makes the needed efforts to learn about the sweet mystery of death and the spiritual art of dying daily. Yes, when St Paul said "I die daily" he meant every word and meaning of that provocative phrase. Yet, how many church fathers as well as those who lay loud and sometimes, pompous claims to having God's audience with ease could explain to their ardent followers what the reverent apostle meant? Not many, i suppose. Or maybe those who know are reluctant to teach others for fear of losing business. This is because once one understands, through practical experience, the bliss that lies behind the dark curtain of death, fear loses its grim grips and the first waves of spiritual freedom begins to shower the lucky seeker of truth. Yet, i must point out here that suicide is outside the curriculum of learning about death and the art of dying. Rather suicide is simply dropping out of the endless school of life, which every Soul in form must pass through to graduate into a spiritual traveller. There is never running away from whatever is troubling us here. We must face our troubles and conquer them. Period!

When we dream, we usually leave the physical body behind to roam the vast inner worlds of God and to have experiences of all kinds. The people we meet in our nightly dreams are as real as the people we interact with daily here on earth. We are Soul, vested in a physical body in order to live here on earth. The physical body is merely a necessary cumbersome jacket needed to exist here, much like the heavy clothing needed to survive the temperate regions of the world. The body dies and we will die someday. Undue attachment to the body, whether ours or others, is a waste of precious spiritual energy. The wisdom is to know when the time has come for us to go or to let our loved ones go and release them with love. What they need most during this critical moment of transition to higher heavens is not our tears but love and joy, for Soul is being transported into the heavens of God. Who knows, our departed loved ones may return to another earthly life through the gift of reincarnation. So Let go and let God, is a sound wisdom nugget so appropriate for this hallowed moment of Soul's translation from one plane of existence to another.

If you are in doubt, make a postulate tonight before going to sleep to meet a departed loved one or friend in the dream state. It will do to fill your heart with love as you make this request of divinity. If you are used to contemplation or meditation, you may want to sing a holy word like Om, Aum, Bani or HU, before going to sleep. Filling our heart with love is so important because in the inner worlds, love is the only language that Soul understands and responds to. It pays to write down whatever dream you may have upon waking up. This will help you remember your travels in the inner worlds while your body slept. Dreams also harbor many solutions to our daily problems, which are usually farfetched to psychologists, psychiatrists and other Social Scientists. This is because the answer is coming directly from your own universe where God speaks to the Soul who has learned to ask and listen.

My father died more than twenty years ago, but because of the love bodn that existed between us when he was alive, we kept meeting for several years afterwards. Sometimes he would surprise me by asking me questions concerning the daily problems i was passing through as at the time of those meetings. Those experiences assured me that even though my father had died, he is still very much alive as Soul. What a pleasant and comfrting piece of wisdom to have. Countless many other experiences like that helped me live my life to the full despite what boulders and high winds life may throw at me.

When next you stand near the dead body of a departed loved one, do not fix your watery eyes on a lifeless body. Just look on the side with the inner eyes of Soul, you may see her standing tall and free in a white light of God. Try and see, for it is real.